Raw Unpasteurized Honey
Raw  Wildflower honey is made by bees that have collected nectar from a local source of wildflowers. The taste and composition of wildflower honey can vary depending on the variety of flowers in bloom at the time the honey is collected. There are many potential health benefits of honey due to its nutrient rich content and anti-microbial properties.
Raw Honey is the same as our liquid Honey. The difference is the Raw Honey has already Crystallized (cloudy harder texture). Our Liquid Honey will also crystallize over time, which is a natural occurrence in pure honey.   

The Cinnamon Honey is the same as the Raw Wildflower, with the difference of a fresh batch of cinnamon added to the mix. 

Honeybees that collect and process the nectar of Buckwheat flowers create a dark honey characterized by a full, robust flavour.

​Our honey has zero fillers and zero off shore honey mixed in.
Staite's honey is 100% Pure Canadian Honey. 

Staites Honey - Raw *Creamed Blueberry